Our Beers

Severn Boar

Severn Boar is brewed with extra pale malt and a clean-tasting yeast to bring out the tropical fruit & grapefruit flavours from the Simcoe hops.

Dark Forest

Weighing in at 5.2% abv, this is a porter in the classic style with a full body, and roasted malt & chocolatey flavours

Black Spell

“Depart, good folk, from brick and mortar,
And venture out to try the porter…
T’is named after a mysterious stream,
That flows above the lands of Bream…”

The Forest is known for its interesting place names rooted in legends and old stories… Black Spell Brook flows from Cannop Ponds towards our own little brewery at Hang Hill, and the name grabbed us as a good one for our Bourbon & vanilla porter!
Our Black Spell is a 5.7%, smooth, sweet and everso slightly decadent porter for those winter nights. A good after dinner beer


We love to work with other brewers and those who want to brew

Mash Up

Mash Up Collaboration Brew 👫👬🍺
Is this a first for the Forest? We have teamed-up with our friends and fellow West Gloucestershire nanobrewers – Two Tinkers @two.tinkers, to brew the brand new Mash Up pale ale. Made with a combination of British pale and Munich malts, and a mix of UK Cascade, and US Columbus & Amarillo hops. The final dry-hopping of Amarillo lends this beer subtle piney, citrus flavours.

Available in cans (thanks to @two.tinkers canning machine!) at @forest_deli, @the_forest_larder, Netherend Stores, @bandhshopandcafe, and @marchesdeli, with hopefully more to come…

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